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Modern ISR1/ISTAR2 networks comprise a very diverse and disparate set of asset types and networking technologies, which provide a unique set of challenges in the areas of sensor identification, classification, interoperability and sensor data sharing, dissemination and consumability. This paper presents the ITA Sensor Fabric, developed as part of the(More)
Dysgerminoma is the most common malignant germ cell tumor in young women. The management of advanced-stage dysgerminoma challenges the gynecologic oncologist to achieve maximal survival, while maintaining childbearing potential. Radiation therapy has been extremely successful in curing dysgerminoma, but ovarian conservation is usually not possible. In(More)
We assessed the effects of metolazone and of bumetanide alone and in combination in normal volunteers when both sodium replete and when sodium deprived. In both conditions a supra-additive natriuretic (P less than .025) and chloruretic (P less than .05) effect of the combination was observed, the magnitude of which was somewhat greater in the(More)
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