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A validated patient satisfaction questionnaire for use in sexual health clinics was run throughout the southwest region (the UK) three times over three years (13 clinics in January 2012 and 12/13 clinics in January 2013 and the same 12 clinics again in January 2014). The questionnaire covered aspects of pre-appointment, performance of health care(More)
A full cross-lagged panel design examined the bidirectional effects of the Big-Five personality dimensions on Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) and Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) over 9 months (N = 190 undergraduates). Consistent with the Dual Process Cognitive-Motivational Model, SDO and RWA exhibited markedly different personality bases. Low(More)
Sulfateand Fe(III)-reducing, and methanogenic prokaryotes (SRP, FRP, MGP) are key players in metabolic pathways involved in anaerobic biodegradation processes. Understanding the metabolic activity of these microbes in environments can enhance microbe-mediated processes such as oil spill bioremediation and methane biogas production. In this study, anaerobic(More)
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