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The Localities Embracing and Accepting Diversity (LEAD) program aimed to improve the mental health of Aboriginal Victorians by addressing racial discrimination and facilitating social and economic participation. As part of LEAD, Whittlesea Council adopted the Aboriginal Employment Pathways Strategy (AEPS) to increase Aboriginal employment and retention(More)
While studies investigating the health effects of racial discrimination for children and youth have examined a range of effect modifiers, to date, relationships between experiences of racial discrimination, student attitudes, and health outcomes remain unexplored. This study uniquely demonstrates the moderating effects of vicarious racism and motivated(More)
BACKGROUND Racism and racial discrimination are increasingly acknowledged as a critical determinant of health and health inequalities. However, patterns and impacts of racial discrimination among children and adolescents remain under-investigated, including how different experiences of racial discrimination co-occur and influence health and development over(More)
Sulfate-and Fe(III)-reducing, and methanogenic prokaryotes (SRP, FRP, MGP) are key players in metabolic pathways involved in anaerobic biodegradation processes. Understanding the metabolic activity of these microbes in environments can enhance microbe-mediated processes such as oil spill bioremediation and methane biogas production. In this study, anaerobic(More)
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