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Genetic mapping studies provide insight into the pattern and extent of genetic incompatibilities affecting hybridization between closely related species. Genetic maps of two species of Louisiana Irises, Iris fulva and I. brevicaulis, were constructed from transposon-based molecular markers segregating in reciprocal backcross (BC1) interspecific hybrids and(More)
Mariner-like elements (MLEs) are DNA transposons found throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. A previous computational survey of the rice (Oryza sativa) genome sequence revealed 34 full length MLEs (Osmars) belonging to 25 distinct families. This survey, which also identified sequence similarities between the Osmar elements and the Stowaway superfamily(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid identification of subject experts for medical topics helps in improving the implementation of discoveries by speeding the time to market drugs and aiding in clinical trial recruitment, etc. Identifying such people who influence opinion through social network analysis is gaining prominence. In this work, we explore how to combine named(More)
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