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This paper presents a stable neural identifier for multivariable nonlinear systems. A state-space representation is considered based on both parallel and series-parallel models. No a priori knowledge about the nonlinearities of the system is assumed. The proposed learning rule is a novel approach based on the modification of the backpropagation algorithm.(More)
A major disadvantage of conventional seed radiography is that the resulting image will not distinguish full-viable seeds from full-nonviable. Empty seeds will imbibe sufficient water to appear full, but these are easily distinguished by radiography before imbibition. Full seeds, both viable and nonviable, have 25 to 35% moisture content when freshly(More)
Physical activity (PA) is increasingly recognised as an important factor within studies of osteoarthritis (OA). However, subjective methods used to assess PA are highly variable and have not been developed for use within studies of OA, which creates difficulties when comparing and interpreting PA data in OA research. The aim of this study was, therefore, to(More)
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