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Horseradish peroxidase was deposited in the optic nerve to retrogradely label and reveal the dendritic form of all classes of ganglion cell, or it was injected into the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus to reveal only those classes projecting to the thalamus. The results were compared with those of the accompanying paper in which the ganglion cells(More)
We have measured the perceptive field, the psychophysical correlate of the physiologically determined receptive field, in man and monkey. Measurements were made using the Hermann grid illusion and the Westheimer paradigm. The following results were found: First, in both man and monkey, the size of perceptive fields and field centers increases from the fovea(More)
The type II transmembrane multidomain serine proteinase MT-SP1/matriptase is highly expressed in many human cancer-derived cell lines and has been implicated in extracellular matrix re-modeling, tumor growth, and metastasis. We have expressed the catalytic domain of MT-SP1 and solved the crystal structures of complexes with benzamidine at 1.3 A and bovine(More)
For two trained rhesus monkeys, increment thresholds for a small test-spot of 100 ms duration were determined as a function of background size, at 10 retinal eccentricities along the horizontal meridian. Typical ‘Westheimer-functions’ were obtained, i.e. threshold first increases with increasing background size, reaches a maximum, then decreases with(More)
DESC1 was identified using gene-expression analysis between squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and normal tissue. It belongs to the type II transmembrane multidomain serine proteinases (TTSPs), an expanding family of serine proteinases, whose members are differentially expressed in several tissues. The biological role of these proteins is(More)
The genotoxic properties of 2',2'-difluorodeoxycytidine (dFdC) were characterised using diploid, mortal low-passage fibroblasts (LPF cells) and the spontaneously transformed fibroblast cell line V79. In both cell types, incorporation of dFdC into the DNA led to an increase of DNA single-strand breaks evaluated by an in situ nick translation assay and to an(More)
Dark adaptation and increment thresholds were determined for a trained rhesus monkey and a human observer under identical conditions. The measurements were made with a 1.5′ diameter, 100 ms target at 10° and 40° eccentricity along the temporal horizontal meridian. Qualitatively, the results are similar for the two species: Both rhesus monkey and man have(More)
Cholestasis induced by perfusion of the liver with hypocalcemic media has been ascribed to several defects in bile secretion including increased biliary permeability. To investigate this model of cholestasis further, livers perfused with hypo- and normocalcemic media were examined stereologically using thin sections and freeze-fracture replicas.(More)
To investigate whether non-micelle forming bile acids are able to increase biliary gentamicin excretion, male Sprague-Dawley rats were anesthetized with pentobarbital and fitted with a biliary fistula. After a control period of 30 min, dehydrocholate, taurodehydrocholate, or norursodeoxycholate were administered iv at doses of 2 or 10 mumol.min-1.kg-1.(More)
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