Ryan McNew

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The growth of Internet applications has substantially broadened the potential for its use in global telehealth. This pilot project used the virtual reality world of Second Life for diabetic patients to meet with their nurse practitioners for their maintenance visits. Using avatars and the online patient portal, these scheduled visits were designed to meet(More)
Three years ago at the Medinfo conference a prototype version of a clinical log for nursing students at Vanderbilt University was demonstrated. The purpose of the log is to document the types of clinical experiences the students are participating in as part of their academic program. We collected log data during that first year and received ongoing(More)
Traditional techniques for collecting data on clinical experiences have been greatly flawed. Data cannot be easily collected in real time to make programmatic or placement changes "on the fly". Furthermore, it is difficult to look at data across students, specialty areas, and years because the data is typically not in a digital format. In response to this(More)
UNLABELLED Three years ago we developed a web-based clinical log for Advanced Practice nursing students to record patient encounters. Although it solved many problems, students complained about the time it would take to complete each encounter since they actually entered the data twice, once immediately after seeing the patient and later on the web. THE(More)
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