Ryan McConnell

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OBJECTIVES We conducted a 1-year randomized controlled trial to test the hypothesis that growth hormone (GH) improves the clinical status of children with cystic fibrosis. STUDY DESIGN Nineteen prepubertal children were randomized to control (NonTX, n = 9) or to daily injections of GH (0.3 mg/kg/wk) (GHTX, n = 10) for 1 year. Every 3 months height,(More)
OBJECTIVE Published studies have tested over 90 genes for association with osteoarthritis (OA), but few positives reported have been independently replicated. Using a new case-control study, our aim was to attempt the replication of findings from 12 genes reported to have significant genetic association with OA and to further examine the role of genetic(More)
Despite aggressive nutritional therapy, low body weight and protein catabolism are common problems in children with cystic fibrosis. Previous studies by our group and others have demonstrated improvement in both height and weight in children with cystic fibrosis who were treated with human recombinant GH, and our group has recently documented improved(More)
The discovery of functioning metastases of thyroid carcinoma and their appropriate treatment with radioiodine are the keys to long-term survival. Functioning metastases can be adequately found only if postsurgical residual normal thyroid tissue is ablated and total body scanning performed. Radioiodine treatment of functioning metastases following(More)
Poly(anhydrides) proposed for use as vehicles for controlled drug delivery were administered subcutaneously in Sprague-Dawley rats at two dosage levels (800 mg/kg rat and 2400 mg/kg rat) for a period of eight weeks. Biocompatibility was assessed using a number of methods. Thirty-six clinical chemistry and hematology parameters were monitored throughout the(More)
INTRODUCTION The St George Hospital specialises in peritonectomy and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) for treatment of intra-abdominal malignancies. Despite performing around 800 peritonectomy and HIPEC procedures, we have rarely encountered desmoplastic small round cell tumours (DSRCT). We present our experiences with DSRCT, and propose(More)
A specific technique of cannulation of the internal jugular innominate vein, presented herein, is not considered an innocuous procedure, but the incidence of serious complications is very low. In this technique a needle-in-catheter unit aids greatly in advancing the catheter through the vein. More than 62 percent of the catheters were left in place for more(More)
Although the mechanical bull was originally designed to train cowboys for the rodeo, nearly 1,000 of these machines are in use in night clubs and amusement parks throughout the United States. We have treated 84 mechanical-bull-related injuries in our institution, the most common to the groin and the lower extremity (32%). A common fracture, which we have(More)