Ryan M. Schuetzler

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Automated human credibility screening is an emerging research area that has potential for high impact in fields as diverse as homeland security and accounting fraud detection. Systems that conduct interviews and make credibility judgments can provide objectivity, improved accuracy, and greater reliability to credibility assessment practices, need to be(More)
Countermeasures, or techniques for hiding guilt during a credibility assessment examination, have long been an important topic in cognitive psychology and criminal justice fields. With recent IS research on automated screening systems, understanding the potential for countermeasures in this new paradigm is of increasing importance. This paper reports on a(More)
Eyes as deception cues One of the most important issues in rapid credibility assessment is this: how can we reliably and unobtrusively detect deception? One of the tools currently under investigation for lie detection is the eye tracking camera (Burgoon et al., 2008). Eye tracking cameras can be used for many different purposes in detecting deception. This(More)