Ryan M. Ferguson

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A total of 184,567 singleton live births with gestational ages of 40 weeks were examined from the 1980-1984 Illinois birth certificate data to determine the independent effect of maternal age on the incidence of low birth weight at term. The incidence is highest in mothers less than 17 years of age (3.2%) and gradually declines with advancing maternal age(More)
Detainees of large urban jails have may health risks including injuries related to violence and firearms. A survey of 582 randomly selected detainees entering the Cook County Department of Corrections during the summer of 1994 found that 51 percent had previously entered hospitals for violence-related injuries, and 26 percent survived prior gunshot wounds.(More)
This prospective study assesses factors that contribute to perinatal mortality. The study population includes the 1362 perinatal deaths that occurred among 85,402 live births between 1983 and 1987 at hospitals of the University of Chicago Perinatal Network. After peer review of demographic, clinical, and pathologic data, each perinatal death was classified(More)
The research area of nuclear astrophysics is characterized by a need for information published in tens of journals in several fields and an extremely dilute distribution of researchers. For these reasons it is difficult for researchers, especially students, to be adequately informed of the relevant published research. For example, the commonly employed(More)
The underlying nuclear reaction sequence in Type I X-ray bursts is the rp-process. We examine the sensitivity of current X-ray burst models to uncertainties in nuclear reaction rates in terms of predicted X-ray light curves and final produced ashes. Many of the relevant reaction rates have significantly large uncertainties that impact the results of X-ray(More)
A growing demand for liver transplantation coupled with a static supply of organs results in an excess demand crisis. Excess demand for liver transplantation equals the number of patients left on the UNOS waiting list at the end of the year who have not expired, undergone transplant, or been withdrawn. Only in the arena of transplantation doses the United(More)
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