Ryan M. Cole

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23. Budding yeast cells detect a single impaired chromosome , very likely because of improper spindle attachment [M. 30. The hazards caused by pairing and recombination are unique to the first meiotic division, and the response , an exposed kinetochore, is also unique to that division. In the second meiotic division, the ki-netochores are arranged just as(More)
A new mycoplasma, serologically distinct from all other known mycoplasmas, was isolated from urethral specimens from two of thirteen men with non-gonococcal urethritis. Repeatable isolation and propagation was accomplished by use of a special culture medium. The organisms adhered to glass or plastic, erythrocytes, and monkey kidney cells. This property(More)
172 Light and Electron Microscope Studies on Jirovecia involuta sp. A Complementary Experimental Study of Cell Division in the Dinoflagellate Prorocentrum micans Hrabyeia xerkophora n. gen. n. sp., a New Microsporidian with Tailed Spores from the Oligochaete Nais christinae Kasparzak, 1973 Location of rDNA in the Heteromeric Macronucleus of Chilodo-nella(More)
We have identified independently folding units, so called "foldons", from non-homologous proteins representing different folds. We applied simple statistical arguments in order to estimate the size of the foldon universe required to construct all foldable proteins. Various alignment procedures yield about 2600 foldons in the natural protein universe but(More)
Attachment of Mycoplasma pneumoniae to host cell by means of a specialized terminus initiates infection. Monoclonal antibodies to a surface protein (Pl) inhibit this process, and react with a region of the tip covered with peplomer-like particles. Since antibodies against the Pl protein are generated by natural and experimental infection and by(More)
SVC3 is a short-tailed polyhedral virus particle morphologically detectable in many spiroplasmas. It was isolated from two different spiroplasmas (Spiroplasma citri and the suckling mouse cataract agent) by infecting lawns and broth culture of another strain of Spiroplasmavirus citri. Virions from either donor strain had a buoyant density of 1.26 grams per(More)
The number density of cold atoms confined in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) is critically dependent on the intensity of the lasers used to cool the sample. To generate large optical powers while retaining the practicality of homemade external cavity diode lasers (ECDLs), a tapered amplifier (TA) system was designed and constructed to amplify the output of an(More)
The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT) was studied within ESA M3 Cosmic Vision framework and participated in the final downselection for a launch slot in 2022-2024. Thanks to the unprecedented combination of effective area and spectral resolution of its main instrument, LOFT will study the behaviour of matter under extreme conditions, such as the(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract ORIGIN is a proposal for the M3 mission call of ESA aimed at the study of metal creation from the epoch of cosmic dawn. Using high-spectral resolution in the soft X-ray band, ORIGIN will be able to identify the physical conditions(More)