Ryan M. Acton

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Outline MURI themes and motivation Network features in a dynamic context Brokerage processes Implications of network dynamics Dynamic measure of brokerage Theoretical foundation and substantive problems Statistical methods Fast algorithms and new data structures Rich models of large-scale, dynamic data with complex covariates
In this paper, we employ archival materials from multiple institutional sources to reconstruct the dynamic network of interorganizational collaboration that emerged in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster of late 2005. Over the period from initial storm formation through the first week following landfall in Louisiana, we record active participation by(More)
It is a well-established result that the marginal probability of a social tie between two persons declines with geographical distance for a wide range of social relations (see, e. While often regarded as a mere curiosity, others have argued that this relationship is a critical determinant of social structure (Mayhew, 1984). Indeed, Butts (2003) has shown(More)
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