Ryan Lim

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In this paper, we describe a system for managing the hiring and assigning of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) to academic tasks based on the GTAs qualifications, preferences, and availability. This system is built using Constraint Processing techniques and is operated through web-based interfaces. Various versions of the prototype system have been in(More)
  • Elizabeth Jordan, David W Miller, Lucy Cohan, Tom Gray, Deborah Howell, Ryan Lim +1 other
  • 2007
The next generation of space telescopes will need to meet increasingly challenging science goals. For these new systems to meet resolution goals, the collecting area of the primary mirror will need to be increased. However, current space telescope designs are reaching their limits in terms of size and mass. Therefore, new systems will need to include(More)
  • Ryan Lim, David Miller, Ryan S Lim, David W Miller, Edmund Sedwick, Simon Kong +6 others
  • 2006
The quest for higher sensitivity and finer angular resolution in astronomy demands larger and more complex space imaging systems. This thesis presents the concepts developed for two different technologies that have the potential to contribute in improving the performance of space imaging systems. The first technology is precision pointing control(More)
INTRODUCTION Disruption in bone homeostasis with increased osteoclastic resorption may lead to osteoporosis. HIV tat has been found to increase differentiation of precursor cells into osteoclast (OC) (1). Presence of soluble HIV proteins in virally suppressed HIV patients on ART may drive a bone resorption phenotype. We investigated the role of soluble HIV(More)
We have designed and implemented a system for the management of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) in our department. The system is based on Constraint Processing techniques and is operated through web-based interfaces. The task is to assign GTAs, based on their qualifications, availability, and preferences, to academic tasks over a semester such as(More)
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