Ryan Lekivetz

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Space-filling designs allow for exploration of responses with many different settings for each input factor. While much research has been done using rectangular design spaces, it is not uncommon to have constraints on the design region where some combinations are impossible or undesirable to run. In this article, we present an intuitive method for quickly(More)
Epidemiological associations of worse respiratory outcomes from combined exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) and respiratory viral infection suggest possible interactions between PM and viruses. To characterize outcomes of such exposures, we developed an in vitro mimic of the in vivo event of exposure to PM contaminated with respiratory syncytial(More)
Fractional factorial designs are used widely in screening experiments to identify significant effects. It is not always possible to perform the trials in a complete random order and hence, fractional factorial split-plot designs arise. In order to identify optimal fractional factorial split-plot designs in this setting, the Hellinger distance criterion(More)
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