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In this project, two approaches based on the linear logarithm hazard transform (LLHT) to modeling mortality rates are proposed. Empirical observations show that there is a linear relationship between two sequences of the logarithm of the forces of mortality (hazard rates of the future lifetime) for two years. The estimated two parameters of the linear(More)
Orthogonal arrays are frequently used in industrial experiments for quality and productivity improvement. Due to run-size constraints and level combinations, an orthogonal array may not exist, in which case a nearly-orthogonal array can be used. Orthogonal and nearlyorthogonal arrays can be difficult to find. This project will introduce a new algorithm for(More)
of Canada, this work may be reproduced, without authorization, under the conditions for Fair Dealing. Therefore, limited reproduction of this work for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, review and news reporting is likely to be in accordance with the law, particularly if cited appropriately. Abstract Fractional factorial designs are used(More)
Epidemiological associations of worse respiratory outcomes from combined exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) and respiratory viral infection suggest possible interactions between PM and viruses. To characterize outcomes of such exposures, we developed an in vitro mimic of the in vivo event of exposure to PM contaminated with respiratory syncytial(More)
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