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Libraries of 16S rRNA genes cloned from methanogenic oil degrading microcosms amended with North Sea crude oil and inoculated with estuarine sediment indicated that bacteria from the genera Smithella (Deltaproteobacteria, Syntrophaceace) and Marinobacter sp. (Gammaproteobacteria) were enriched during degradation. Growth yields and doubling times (36 days(More)
Streptococcus bovis is a nonenterococcal, group D streptococcus which has been identified as a causative agent for serious human infections, including endocarditis, bacteremia, and septic arthritis. Several cases of adult S. bovis meningitis have been reported, usually in association with underlying disease. In the neonatal period, it is an uncommon agent(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I have had great support and guidance throughout my graduate work. Thomas Peters has been a great research advisor and has been a huge help in guiding me through this process. The wonderful frac sand team has been helpful in setting up sampling locations and providing valuable feedback. I would like to thank Nicole Grosland and Peter(More)
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