Ryan J. Thompson

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Small cell carcinoma (SCC) is considered to be of neuroendocrine origin. Neurone specific enolase (NSE) and PGP 9.5 are markers of neural and neuroendocrine differentiation. S-100 protein is a marker of glial differentiation. The expression of these markers in endobronchial biopsy and lung tumour resection specimens was studied to see if any diagnostic,(More)
INTRODUCTION We present a novel airway simulation tool that recreates the dynamic challenges associated with emergency airways. The Suction-Assisted Laryngoscopy Assisted Decontamination (SALAD) simulation system trains providers to use suction to manage emesis and bleeding complicating intubation. METHODS We modified a standard difficult-airway mannequin(More)
Objectives. Incidental findings on computed tomography (CT) scans are common. We sought to examine rates of findings and disclosure among discharged patients who received a CT scan in the ED. Methods. Retrospective chart review (Aug-Oct 2009) of 600 patients age 18 and older discharged home from an urban Level 1 trauma center. CT reports were used to(More)
INTRODUCTION Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) often has variable presentations and causes, with common radiographic features-namely posterior white matter changes on magnetic resonance (MRI). As MRI becomes a more frequently utilized imaging modality in the Emergency Department, PRES will become an entity that the Emergency Physician must(More)
With the extended indications for abdominal and pelvic radiation therapy, administered at higher dosage levels, an increased incidence of radiation injury to the intestine can be anticipated. Increased efforts are urgently needed to develop innovative methods in the detection, prevention, and management of radiation-induced intestinal injury. Fifty cases of(More)
BACKGROUND We hypothesized that team communication with unmatched grammatical form and communicative intent (mixed mode communication) would correlate with worse trauma teamwork. METHODS Interdisciplinary trauma simulations were conducted. Team performance was rated using the TEAM tool. Team communication was coded for grammatical form and communicative(More)
Among immunocompromised individuals, hyper-infection with Strongyloides stercoralis may occur and lead to fatal strongyloidiasis. To clinicians and laboratory diagnosticians in non-endemic countries such as Kuwait, this severe infection poses a particular problem. The clinical histories and signs and symptoms of four Kuwaiti cases of S. stercoralis(More)
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