Ryan J. Leigh

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The effect of voluntary hyperventilation-induced hypocapnic alkalosis (RALK) on pulmonary O2 uptake (VO2) kinetics and muscle deoxygenation was examined in young male adults (n=8) during moderate-intensity exercise. Subjects performed five repetitions of a step-transition in work rate from 20 W cycling to a work rate corresponding to 90% of the estimated(More)
Morphometric techniques for quantitating cytologic and volumetric changes in small intestinal mucosae are described: measurements were controlled with respect to a constant 'test area' of muscularis mucosae, thus following valid comparisons between normal and damaged mucosae. Procedures for enumerating cell populations within mucosal volume compartments are(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether tester experience influences the reliability of three-dimensional gait collections. DESIGN Reliability study. PARTICIPANTS Ten healthy subjects visited a university gait laboratory on two separate days and underwent a walking gait analysis. During each visit, kinematic data were collected by a biomechanist with 8 years of(More)
BACKGROUND Neuromuscular alterations are increasingly reported in individuals with knee osteoarthritis (KOA) during level walking. We aimed to determine which neuromuscular alterations are consistent in KOA individuals and how these may be influenced by osteoarthritis severity, varus alignment and/or joint laxity. METHODS Electronic databases were(More)
Jejunal biopsy specimens from coeliac patients who had received small, oral doses (100-1500 mg) of a peptic-tryptic gluten digest were analysed by morphometric methods. An increase in the total number of surface epithelial lymphocytes, maximal at 12 h after challenge, was dose-dependent, the mean percentage rise at this time being 53% (p less than 0.005),(More)
A proportion of epithelial lymphocytes in various mammalian species is characterised by cells containing cytoplasmic granules. We have studied the total number of granular lymphocytes within surface and crypt epithelium of jejunal mucosae (per 10(4) micron2 muscularis mucosae) from six groups of subjects, comprising (i) young healthy volunteers (ii) family(More)
BACKGROUND Mild-to-moderate hip osteoarthritis is often managed clinically in a non-surgical manner. Effective non-surgical management of this population requires characterizing the specific impairments within this group. To date, a complete description of all lower extremity kinematics in mild-to-moderate hip osteoarthritis patients has not been presented.(More)
Recently, an expert system was developed to provide feedback to examiners with the aim of improving reliability of marker-based gait analysis. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the effectiveness of this novel feedback tool in improving the reliability of gait analysis for individuals with lower limb osteoarthritis. Three-dimensional gait(More)
INTRODUCTION: Anatomical marker placement reliability is an important consideration in 3D gait analysis given its influence on defining joint centers, anatomical coordinate systems (ACSs), and ultimately the resulting joint kinematic outputs. It has been postulated that gait kinematic reliability could be improved using a functional (FUN) method compared to(More)
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