Ryan J. Huxtable

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A reduction of resting chloride conductance (GCl) and a decrease of the voltage threshold for contraction are observed during aging in rat skeletal muscle. The above alterations are also observed in muscle of adult rat after taurine depletion. As lower levels of taurine were found by others in aged rats compared to young rats, we tested the hypothesis that(More)
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids unsaturated in the 1,2 position are hepatotoxins. Certain of them, such as monocrotaline, are also pneumotoxins, producing pulmonary arterial hypertension and right ventricular hypertrophy as a delayed response two weeks after administration. Pneumotoxicity is the result of hepatic metabolism, the lung itself being unable to(More)
Venocclusive disease, a form of Budd-Chiari syndrome, was diagnosed in a 49-yr-old woman. The patient had portal hypertension associated with obliteration of the smaller hepatic venules. A liver biopsy specimen showed centrilobular necrosis and congestion. Analysis of food supplements the woman regularly consumed showed the presence of pyrrolizidine(More)
The quantitative importance of the molar as a source of taurine for neonatal rats has been examined by maintaining female rats on a diet containing 3H-taurine until they were uniformly labeled, and then mating them. Rats were kept on the 3H-taurine diet throughout pregnancy and lactation. The transfer of taurine from the mother to the pup both in utero and(More)