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A 2.6pJ/Inst subthreshold sensor processor designed for energy efficiency has been fabricated. A two-stage micro-architecture was implemented to mitigate the impact of process variation in subthreshold operation. Careful library cell selection and robust SRAM design enabled fully functional operation from 1.2V to 200mV. We analyze the variation in frequency(More)
—Subthreshold circuits have drawn a strong interest in recent ultralow power research. In this paper, we present a highly efficient subthreshold microprocessor targeting sensor application. It is optimized across different design stages including ISA definition, microarchitecture evaluation and circuit and implementation optimization. Our investigation(More)
Sensor network processors and their applications are a growing area of focus in computer system research and design. Inherent to this design space is a reduced processing performance requirement and extremely high energy constraints, such that sensor network processors must execute low-performance tasks for long durations on small energy supplies. In this(More)
The unusual aspect of dream consciousness which has been called "dream bizarreness" may be defined as impossibility or improbability in the domains of dream plot, cognition and affect. The bizarre features of dreams may be divided into three broad categories: discontinuities, incongruities and uncertainties. Discontinuities are interruptions in(More)
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