Ryan H. Smith

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A “black water” event, as observed from satellites, occurred off southwest Florida in 2012. Satellite observations suggested that the event started in early January and ended in mid-April 2012. The black water patch formed off central west Florida and advected southward towards Florida Bay and the Florida Keys with the shelf circulation, which was confirmed(More)
When African violet leaf explants are cultured in vitro, buds and shoots develop directly from the upper leaf surfaces. Three developmentally different African violet chimeras were cultured, and in each case adventitious shoots that developed into plants had the parent chimera pattern. A multicellular origin of the adventitious buds accounts for these(More)
Residues of 2, 4-D found in potato tubers ranged from 15 to 30 ppb at harvest when 2, 4-D was applied at the rate and time recommended for enhancement of color and control of tuber size. When used at higher rates and applied later, average residues reached 110 ppb. These residues did not include 2, 4-D bound to plant metabolites. In a single test,(More)
During April to June 2009, a large bolus of Amazon River water impacted the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Shipboard observations collected near Saba Bank, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, and the Anegada Passage showed low surface salinity (35.76 0.05 Practical Salinity Unit (PSU)), elevated surface temperature (26.77 0.14°C), high chlorophyll-a (1.26(More)
Ultrasonic teclmiques have been used to directly and non-intrusively measure the circulation of free surface vortices. All experiments were performed in a vertical cylindrical tank with a central drain and a tangential inlet The circulation was measured on a closed triangular path by measuring the difference in upstream and downstream transit-times.(More)
The majority of nanocomposite olefin/paraffin separation membranes use silver nanoparticles or silver ions as the olefin binding agent. In this theoretical study, we characterize the olefin interaction with silver nanoparticles and show that silver is special in that it chemisorbs ethylene more weakly than other metals. Some variation with particle size is(More)
Genetic effects associated with space flight include mutation induction by the space flight itself, and enhancements or antagonisms of radiation-induced mutations. The conditions of space flight vary in mutagenic effectiveness from no response at all to responses nine times that found in ground-based controls. The test systems follow the sensitivity(More)
Observed distributions of high-speed plasma flows at distances of 10 to 30 Earth radii (R(E)) in Earth's magnetotail neutral sheet are highly skewed toward the premidnight sector. The flows are a product of the magnetic reconnection process that converts magnetic energy stored in the magnetotail into plasma kinetic and thermal energy. We show, using global(More)