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Measurements were made of the average size of fluorescent halos of nucleoids of developing frog embryos, mouse fibroblasts (A9 cells) and Friend erythroleukemia cells cultured with various compounds. These halos are thought to represent relaxed lengths of loops of DNA attached to the nuclear matrix. Measurement of transcription of RNA from nuclei in vitro(More)
NL4-3 HSAviral stocks prepared by transfection of 293T cells were treated with 60Uml of Turbo DNase I (Ambion) for 1 h at 37 8C to remove residual plasmid DNA. Cells (0.5 £ 10) were infected as described above, and total DNAwas prepared at the indicated time points and stored in 100 ml of 1mM Tris, pH 7.4. Early and late HIV-1 reverse transcription products(More)
ome of the highlights of the ongoing program within the Sensor Science Group of APL’s Milton S. Eisenhower Research and Technology Development Center to develop novel magnetometers are summarized. In particular, two approaches are described: a magnetostrictive device based on the deflection of a Terfenol-D coated single-crystal silicon cantilever and a(More)
unique solid-state optical sensor configuration has been developed that can serve as a development platform for a host of chemical and biochemical sensors in either gaseous or liquid environments. We describe the first adaptation of the device to oxygen sensing via fluorescence quenching and note the clear and distinct advantages over existing(More)
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