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The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) requires teams to integrate mobility, manipulation, and perception to accomplish several disaster-response tasks. We describe our hardware choices and software architecture, which enable human-in-the-loop control of a 28 degree-of-freedom ATLAS humanoid robot over a limited bandwidth link. We discuss our methods, results,(More)
Intentional inhalation of volatile organic chemicals is not a new phenomenon. It has existed since ancient times. Abusing household and other commercially available products, containing volatile organic solvents, has been recognized since the early 1950s. Products containing volatile organic chemicals include everything ranging from gasoline to paints,(More)
This report describes the research, mechanical analysis, design methodology, and testing procedures that were used to design and build a tree-climbing robot. The goal of this project was to build a tree-climbing robot to satisfy the requirements established by the USDA and aid in the detection of Asian Longhorn Beetles. The following report details the(More)