Ryan G. Gamble

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Seventy-percent of Americans search health information online, half of whom access medical content on social media websites. In spite of this broad usage, the medical community underutilizes social media to distribute preventive health information. This project aimed to highlight the promise of social media for delivering skin cancer prevention messaging by(More)
Studies have established ultraviolet (UV) exposure with increased melanoma skin cancer risk. The combination of UV exposure, high altitude, and reflection of UV rays on the snow may create a particularly relevant and high-risk population amongst those who participate in snow sports. The current study aims to determine the effectiveness of a UV-photography(More)
Physicians wearing white coats are perceived as having more authority, being more friendly and being more attractive than those not wearing white coats, and patients report that they prefer their dermatologist to wear a white coat. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of dermatologists wearing white coats on practice websites. We searched(More)
Health care providers and their patients jointly participate in melanoma prevention, surveillance, diagnosis, and treatment. This paper reviews screening and follow-up strategies for patients who have been diagnosed with melanoma, based on current available evidence, and focuses on methods to assess disease recurrence and second primary occurrence.(More)
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