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In this work, we envision a vehicular cloud involving cars in the parking lot of a major airport. The owners of these cars are typically on travel for several days, providing a pool of cars that can serve as the basis for a data center at the airport. We assume that the cars that participate in the vehicular cloud are plugged into a standard power outlet(More)
In order to enhance dependability and availability, it is common practice in conventional clouds to assign two servers to each job. In this paper, we investigate the effect of such a redundancy-based job assignment strategy on job completion time in vehicular clouds. We offer a heuristic analysis of the expected job completion time under this strategy. A(More)
In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) nodes are allowed to move freely which causes instability in the network. To handle this, the nodes are grouped into clusters which make the topology of the network appear more stable. In proposed algorithms, the size of these clusters has been either ignored or handled insufficiently. This Thesis proposes a penalty-based(More)
The mobile observer method has been used by traffic engineers since the middle of the last century to estimate traffic velocity, flow and density. Although simple and intuitive, the method suffers from two major issues. First, the vehicle must traverse a given road segment both in the direction of the traffic whose parameters are of interest and also in the(More)
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