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We have identified and quantitated a tumor protein complex, TSP-180, on murine carcinomas with two monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) (Cancer Res., 46: 707-712, 1986). One of the two MoAbs, 135-13C, recognizes a TSP-180-like protein complex on several human carcinomas in culture. MoAb 135-13C has been used to purify the human TSP-180 complex from A431 cells and(More)
Detailed evaluations of the microdistribution of 125I-labeled monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) to normal tissue antigens were conducted in BALB/c mice. MoAb 273-34A, which binds to a target molecule on the lumenal surface of lung endothelial cells, localizes quickly and efficiently throughout the lung vasculature. MoAb 133-13A, which binds to an antigen on(More)
We have studied whether N-methylformamide can affect the expression pattern of adhesion molecules and the attachment behaviour of M14 human melanoma cells. The role of N-methylformamide on experimental and spontaneous pulmonary metastases from M14 cells in nude mice was also investigated. We demonstrate that N-methylformamide in vitro pretreatment of M14(More)
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