Ryan Des Jean

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Through a series of elegant fluorescence measurements, particularly through stopped-flow kinetic measurements, it was recently demonstrated that aminoglycoside antibiotics are able to bind to the HIV-1 Rev responsive element (RRE) RNA construct in more than a 1:1 stoichiometry (Lacourciere, K. A.; Stivers, J. T.; Marino, J. P. Biocheminstry 2000, 39, 5630).(More)
The ability of RNA structures to adopt diverse yet complex tertiary structures has resulted in numerous fascinating RNA-protein recognition events. It was recently reported that a close relative of the HIV Rev peptide, namely a 17 residue Tat peptide from bovine immuno-deficiency virus (BIV), is able to bind to the 28 nucleotide BIV TAR RNA construct. Here(More)
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