Ryan Davis

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The objective of this study was to identify gene expression differences in blood differences in children with autism (AU) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) compared to general population controls. Transcriptional profiles were compared with age- and gender-matched, typically developing children from the general population (GP). The AU group was subdivided(More)
A generalized synthesis of α-d-cholesterylglycosides has been achieved using one-pot per-O-trimethylsilyl glycosyl iodide glycosidation. Both cholesteryl α-d-glucopyranoside (αCG) and cholesteryl α-d-galactopyranoside were prepared in high yield. These compounds were further esterified using regioselective enzymatic acylation with tetradecanoyl vinyl ester(More)
BACKGROUND Estimates of variance components for binary responses in presence of extreme case problems tend to be biased due to an under-identified likelihood. The bias persists even when a normal prior is used for the fixed effects. METHODS A simulation study was carried out to investigate methods for the analysis of binary responses with extreme case(More)
DNA copy number variations are now recognized as an important contributor to human genetic disease. In this paper, our focus is on identifying patterns of DNA copy number variation detected with finely-tiled oligonucleotide arrays in case-control studies. This analysis is based on the observation that CNVs across large segments of the genome show recurring(More)
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