Ryan D Oftebro

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Human cervix carcinoma cells of the line NHIK 3025 were incubated for 18 h with sulfonated meso-tetraphenylporphines (TPPSn where n = 1, 2a, 2o or 4) followed by 1 h in sensitizer-free medium and then exposed to light. The fluorescing fraction of TPPS4, TPPS2o and TPPS2a has recently been shown to be located intracellularly in extracellular granules which(More)
The inhibitory effect of Oncovin (vincristine sulfate) on cell division was studied in human cell line NHIK 3025. Oncovin arrested the cells in metaphase at concentrations as low as 10(-3) mug/ml. At 8 X 10(-3) mug/ml and higher concentrations, the arrest was complete after 6 hr of treatment. The arrest was irreversible after exposure for 6 hr to 16 X(More)
The effects of washed human cultured cells (tumour cells and Chang liver cells) on human blood platelets in heparinized plasma were studied. Platelet aggregation was induced by suspensions of the tumour cells. Ultrastructural examination showed that the platelets, especially in the central regions of the aggregates, were tightly packed and the(More)
The method of synchronizing cells by means of mitotic selection has been adapted to the human line NHIK 3025. Increase in cell number as a function of time in asynchronous and synchronous populations was studied as well as mitotic index as a function of time after selection of synchronized populations. Phase durations of the cell cycle of synchronous(More)
Cells from the established cell line NHIK 3025 were synchronized by repeated mitotic selections. Survival of the synchronized cells after treatment with haematoporphyrin and near-UV light was measured by testing the capacity of the cells to form macroscopic colonies. The sensitivity to photodynamic inactivation was small in early G1, late S and G2. The(More)
Cells from an established human cell-line, NHIK 3025, originally derived from an early stage of cancer of the cervix, were tested for recovery capacity when irradiated with X-rays under aerobic (equilibrated with air) and extremely hypoxic conditions (O2 content less than 4 ppm). The dose-response curve obtained under aerobic conditions had a D0-value of(More)
Effects of the mitotic inhibitor NY 3170 (1-propargyl-5-chloropyrimidin-2-one) on cell-cycle kinetics of NHIK 3025 cells were studied by means of time-lapse microcinematography, pulsed incorporation of [3H] thymidine, flow cytometry, and mitotic index. All the experiments were performed with cells synchronized by mitotic selection. Mitotic inhibition as(More)
Synchronized cells of the human line NHIK 3025 were used to study inactivating and cell-cycle inhibitory effects induced by benzaldehyde. Inactivation was measured as loss of colony-forming ability after treatment of exponentially growing or synchronized cells. Cell-cycle inhibition was measured by flow cytometric recordings of DNA-histograms and(More)