Ryan D Andrews

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Strength tracking uses ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) as a reference value to determine changes in strength as a function of a resistance training program. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if the OMNI Resistance Exercise Scale (OMNI-RES) could be used to track training-induced strength changes in older adults. Twenty-two men (64.3 +(More)
The constant-RPE tracking model monitors progress over the course of exercise training. During aerobic exercise, prior work using this model has demonstrated similar relative intensities pre- and posttraining, while the absolute workload increases posttraining. However, the prediction equation associated with these changes has not been examined during(More)
9 While minimal flexibility is related to injury, performing static stretching (exclusively) during a warm-up does not seem to decrease injuries (1, 4, 6–7). And too much stretching and flexibility may even increase the rate of injury. Many people, in fact, suffer from injuries caused by excessive movement and flexibility in the: • shoulder joint(More)
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