Ryan Cole

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OBJECTIVE To determine the limits of agreement between left ventricular ejection fraction estimated using systolic time intervals from impedance cardiography and left ventricular ejection fraction estimated by radionuclide ventriculography. DESIGN A prospective study for diagnostic tests using radionuclide ventriculography as the criterion standard. (More)
Tests using inhaled particles assess ventilatory nonuniformities and may be sensitive to early changes in the small airways of cigarette smokers. We measured aerosol bolus behavior in 20 asymptomatic smokers and 20 age- and sex-matched nonsmokers for comparison with pulmonary function parameters including the single-breath nitrogen test. Narrow boluses(More)
Using light microscopy, polarizable amorphorous bodies with tinctorial characteristics of lipochromes and flocculent pigmental materials were found within the alveolar macrophages and peribronchiolar region of the lungs in a pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemistrina) infected with simian lung mite (Pneumonyssus simicola). Examination of these pigmental bodies,(More)
BACKGROUND A number of automated devices for pretransfusion testing have recently become available. This study evaluated a fully automated device based on column agglutination technology (AutoVue System, Ortho, Raritan, NJ). STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Some 6747 tests including forward and reverse ABO group, Rh type and phenotype, antibody screen,(More)
Idiopathic eruptive macular pigmentation is a rare condition characterized by asymptomatic pigmented macules involving the neck, trunk, and proximal portions of the extremities. Age at onset usually varies from 1 to 20 years. The lesions usually appear abruptly and remit spontaneously over months to years. An unusual case of a 24-year-old woman with(More)
A simple latex agglutination test (SLAT) based on modifications of existing serodiagnostic techniques, in which commercially available reagents are used, was developed for detection of antibodies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tests performed on 553 serum samples from 316 individuals, including 117 bacteriologically confirmed active tuberculosis(More)
Free tissue transfer has revolutionised reconstruction of the head and neck and there are currently few local factors that preclude its use. These include a lack of suitable recipient vessels in the area for microvascular anastomosis. We describe the use of a Corlett loop in which a temporary arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is created with a transposed cephalic(More)
The number density of cold atoms confined in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) is critically dependent on the intensity of the lasers used to cool the sample. To generate large optical powers while retaining the practicality of homemade external cavity diode lasers (ECDLs), a tapered amplifier (TA) system was designed and constructed to amplify the output of an(More)
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