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Thc purpose of thcse studics h a s bccn to examinc thc possibilitics of describing the m a i n phonetic quality of vowels in two dimensions, especially in t e r m s of two frequencies. A mapping of the Swedish vowcl space on this two-dimensional planc h a s bcen established. A s m c a n s of investigation both a matching procedure and identification t e s t(More)
Regression testing is an important activity for controlling the quality of a software product, but it accounts for a large proportion of the costs of software. We believe that an understanding of the underlying relationships in data about software systems, including data correlations and patterns, could provide information that would help improve regression(More)
A set of 66 vaels acoustically similar to /ae/ have been synthesized by adding together sinusoidal harmonics of the appropriate frequencies, amplitudes, and phases. Subjects mre asked to estimate the psychophysical distance between each stimulus and a reference vael in a 300-trial randomized test. Normalized subjective distance scores have been computed for(More)
For 20 years, researchers have envisioned artificially intelligent learning companions that evolve with their students as they grow and learn. However, while communication theory suggests that positivity decreases over time in relationships, most tutoring systems designed to build rapport with a student remain adamantly polite, and may therefore(More)
Previous experience with speech output aids for blind and non-vocal persons has shown great promise. The need for individual adjustments and the relatively small market, makes flexible, programmable aids necessary. A modular microprocessor text-to-speech system has been developed that is portable and battery-operated. This prototype has been adjusted to(More)
Graphics processing units (GPUs) are powerful devices capable of rapid parallel computation. GPU programming, however, can be quite difficult, limiting its use to experienced programmers and keeping it out of reach of a large number of potential users. We present Chestnut, a domain-specific GPU parallel programming language for parallel multidimensional(More)
The first natural occurrence of 19-norcholestenone is reported, together with 17 sterols and one other delta 4-3-ketone in the extracts of the Californian gorgonian, Muricea californica (Aurivillius). Six additional demethyl sterols and five additional 4-monomethyl sterols which remain unidentified were also detected. Lipid extracts of M. californica from a(More)