Ryan Burgess

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OBJECTIVES The cochlea may be damaged by modern conventional radiotherapy (RT) for head and neck cancers when the ear is included in the radiation field. It is unclear however, if the retro-cochlear auditory pathways are affected as well, which has clinical significance in cochlear implantation. This study aims to investigate the integrity of the(More)
BACKGROUND Domestic violence (DV), also known as intimate partner violence (IPV), is one of the leading causes of serious injury among women of childbearing age. As first responders on the scene during DV calls where personal injuries have occurred, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) could routinely identify, report and assist victims of violence. Yet, little(More)
The protracted violent conflict in Colombia has resulted in the internal displacement of over 4.3 million people (IDMC, 2008) and the enlistment of 11,000 to 14,000 children into one of the guerrilla or paramilitary groups. At least 30 percent of the combatants in Colombia’s armed groups are children, and over tens of thousands more child soldiers exist in(More)
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