Ryan Brooks

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—Targeting advertising on television is difficult due to limitations around ad tracking and ad delivery. This paper describes a new method of television advertising which can work with today's state of the art broadcast television media. The method works by calculating a match score between historical buyer demographics and television(More)
This study adapted human videofluoroscopic swallowing study (VFSS) methods for use with murine disease models for the purpose of facilitating translational dysphagia research. Successful outcomes are dependent upon three critical components: test chambers that permit self-feeding while standing unrestrained in a confined space, recipes that mask the(More)
We present an active badge system to test the efficacy of Jini as middleware for a system of small, mobile devices. Our system consists of badges that transmit infrared signals, detectors attached to fixed PC's serving as Jini clients, and a Jini server to keep track of the locations of all badges. A second type of Jini client can query the server and(More)
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