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Signature schemes, proposed in 1976 by Diffie and Hellman, have become ubiquitous across modern communications. They allow for the exchange of messages from one sender to multiple recipients, with the guarantees that messages cannot be forged or tampered with and that messages also can be forwarded from one recipient to another without compromising their(More)
Embedded system cores for communications networks are becoming much important recently due to the demands placed by Smart Grid, sensor mobile networks, etc. However, embedded system designs have unique metrics such as cost, flexibility, and size. Tuning these metrics during embedded system designs will definitely impact the cost and performance of Smart(More)
Digital signatures are one of the most important cryptographic primitives. In this work we construct an information-theoretically secure signature scheme which, unlike prior schemes, enjoys a number of advantageous properties such as short signature length and high generation efficiency, to name two. In particular, we extend symmetric-key message(More)
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