Ryan A Spaulding

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The vagus nerve supplies low-threshold chemo- and mechanosensitive afferents to the mucosa of the proximal gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The absence of a full characterization of the morphology and distributions of these projections has hampered comprehensive functional analyses. In the present experiment, dextran (10K) conjugated with tetramethylrhodamine(More)
BACKGROUND In rural America, cigarette smoking is prevalent and health care providers lack the time and resources to help smokers quit. Telephone quitlines are important avenues for cessation services in rural areas, but they are poorly integrated with local health care resources. OBJECTIVE The intent of the study was to assess the comparative(More)
  • Name Zimmerman, Toni S, J L Krafchick, T S Zimmerman, C E Ackerson, W Lindsey +19 others
  • 2015
The parenting practices of dual earner couples who succesfully balance family and work. FAIR: Fairness for All Individuals with Respect. A story for children to learn to honor diversity, understand social justice, and create a more equitable society through respect for all derived by college students from mentoring at-risk youth in a service learning(More)
Psychiatry is a particularly good specialty to provide by telemedicine. The psychiatric interaction translates very well to the interactive video medium and typically does not require any peripheral medical devices for the consultation compared with other specialties. Although telemedicine is most often thought of as strictly a rural health tool for solving(More)
  • D P Wells, F A Selim, J F Harmon, W Scates, J Kwofie, R Spaulding +4 others
A new nondestructive accelerator based x-ray fluorescence (AXRF) approach has been developed to identify heavy metals in large-volume samples. Such samples are an important part of the process and waste streams of U.S Department of Energy sites, as well as other industries such as mining and milling. Distributions of heavy metal impurities in these process(More)
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