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Due to their small form factor and modest energy budget it is infeasible to endow individual sensors with GPS capabilities. Yet, numerous applications require sensors to have a coarse-grain location awareness. The task of acquiring this coarse-grain location awareness is referred to as training. The main contribution of this work is to propose a fully(More)
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Due to their potential applications in various situations such as battlefield communications, emergency relief, environmental monitoring, and other special-purpose operations, wireless sensor networks have recently emerged as a new and exciting research area that has attracted a good deal of well-deserved attention in the literature. In this work we take(More)
Wireless sensor network refers to a group of sensors, linked by a wireless medium to perform distributed sensing task. The primary interest is their capability in monitoring the physical environment through the deployment of numerous tiny, intelligent, wireless networked sensor nodes. Our interest consists of a sensor network, which includes a few(More)
Locationing problem in Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) can be viewed as a general distributed sensor problem. It is with sensors that can discover other nodes or estimate ranges between nodes, that serve as position references. In this paper, we show that sensors acquire coarse-grain location awareness by the training protocol. The training protocol which(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to model an important aspect of the problem of sensor information integration that arises in wireless communications, where N sensors try to communicate with a receiver using a single un-shareable radio channel. If several sensors transmit at the same time, their transmissions collide at the receiver resulting in(More)
Neighborhood discovery (ND) in a wireless sensor network is a process of identifying the sensors that a given node can communicate directly. In this paper, our main contribution is to model the ND protocol in a wireless sensor network. In ND task, each node is assigned its own <i>N</i> timeslots, with equal slot intervals. In each slot, each node chooses(More)
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