Ruzana Davoyan

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market shares for consumers and websites on interconnection settlements between networks. We proposed to differentiate traffic into two types, referred to as native and stranger in order to determine an original initiator of transmission in the IP network and to compensate the interconnection costs. In comparison to the existing financial settlement, under(More)
This paper addresses the important issue of providing balanced allocation of the interconnection costs between networks. We analyze how beneficial is the determination of the original initiator of a transmission to the providers of different layers. The introduced model, where intercarrier compensation is based on the differentiated traffic flows, was(More)
1 Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program (TEMEP) is a graduate program at the Seoul National University. It includes both M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs which are integrated into the graduate program at the College of Engineering. TEMEP Discussion Papers is intended to serve as an outlet for publishing research about theoretical, methodological and(More)
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