Ruzana Davoyan

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market shares for consumers and websites on interconnection settlements between networks. We proposed to differentiate traffic into two types, referred to as native and stranger in order to determine an original initiator of transmission in the IP network and to compensate the interconnection costs. In comparison to the existing financial settlement, under(More)
Pilot experiments on using molecular markers in the breeding of winter wheat that were conducted at the Lukyanenko Agricultural Research Institute are described. The most efficient methods for using markers when developing new cultivars are outlined. The genes that are responsible for valuable agronomic traits were identified in varieties that are bred at(More)
DNA samples of wild relatives, synthetic forms, and introgression lines of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) were genotyped with diagnostic molecular markers that are linked to the leaf-rust resistance genes Lr9, Lr35, and Lr47. The Lr9 gene was identified in Aegilops umbellulata and Lr35 and Lr47 were identified in Ae. speltoides. The synthetic forms(More)
Grey wheatgrass Agropyron glaucum (Desf. ex DC) Roem. & Schult is a valuable source of genes for resistance to diseases, frost resistance, and salt tolerance. An unstable 76-chromosomal amphidiploid combining genomes A and B of common wheat variety Avrora, six chromosomes of genome D of the same variety, and a full set of Ag. glaucum (2n = 42) chromosomes(More)
Wheat accessions were genotyped with molecular markers linked to wheat leaf rust resistance genes Lr9, Lr10, Lr19, Lr24, Lr26, Lr34, and Lr37. They included 1920 wheat plants and 46 commercial varieties bred at the Lukyanenko Institute. Basically, the analyzed varieties had the inefficient gene Lr10, poorly efficient Lr26 and Lr34, or their combinations.(More)
The results of investigation and exploitation of the synthetic genome-added form Triticum miguschovae (T. militinae/Aegilops tauschii) and genome-substituted forms Avrodes, Avrosis, Avrolata, Avrotata, Avroale, and Avrocum are reported. In the genome-substituted forms, genomes of Ae. speltoides, Ae. sharonensis, Ae. umbellulata, Ae. uniaristata, Secale(More)