Ruzairi Abdul Rahim

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This paper demonstrates a modular architecture of a non-contact actuation micropump setup. Rapid hot embossing prototyping was employed in micropump fabrication by using printed circuit board (PCB) as a mold material in polymer casting. Actuator-membrane gap separation was studied, with experimental investigation of three separation distances: 2.0 mm, 2.5(More)
This paper presents modelling of non-invasive Ultrasonic Tomography via transmission-mode method for imaging liquid and gas flow. Transmission-mode approach has been used for sensing the liquid/gas two-phase flow, which is a kind of strongly inhomogeneous medium. The concept of observation time and the imaging technique for two-phase flow using fan-shaped(More)
This paper deals with the development of flame imaging system using laser-based tomography. The aim of this project is to obtain the concentration profile of the flame to be incorporated in laser-based transmission tomography measurement system for combustion on-line monitoring. The system can be applied in real–time manner to produce a cross sectional(More)
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