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Classification algorithm is an important technique that has been studied for many years in hyperspectral image processing along with the development of hyperspectral remote sensing. Traditional classification algorithms mostly focus on the differences of spectral dimension but neglecting spatial structures of geography objects. By improving the ECHO(More)
Multispectral image compression which are based on the one-,two- and three-dimensional wavelet transforms has been existed in many papers. Existing image compression algorithms have proved to be very efficient in compressing these kinds of images.We adopted the principal component analysis,clustering and spectral angle cosine to classify and compress in(More)
The data acquired by the spatially modulated imaging Fourier Transform spectrometer(SMIFTS) contain one dimensional spatial information, one dimensional interference information, and one dimensional push broom scanning spatial information. This kind of spectrometer theoretically requires that flying platform keeps uniform moving velocity and steady attitude(More)
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