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Classification algorithm is an important technique that has been studied for many years in hyperspectral image processing along with the development of hyperspectral remote sensing. Traditional classification algorithms mostly focus on the differences of spectral dimension but neglecting spatial structures of geography objects. By improving the ECHO(More)
Multispectral image compression which are based on the one-,two- and three-dimensional wavelet transforms has been existed in many papers. Existing image compression algorithms have proved to be very efficient in compressing these kinds of images.We adopted the principal component analysis,clustering and spectral angle cosine to classify and compress in(More)
We describe designs of the multipass optical configurations of an interferometer with high spectral resolution with respect to 6, 12, and 24 times more optical passes than the conventional Michelson interferometer. In each design, a movable cube corner retroreflector is combined with a folding reflector group (FRG) as the interferometer's moving combination(More)
The principle of reflecting rotating Fourier transform spectrometer was introduced in the present paper. Based on the Malus law and reflecting characteristic of cube corner, the optic path difference of reflecting rotating Fourier transform spectrometer was analyzed and calculated by choosing the center of rotating mirror as a reference point of the(More)
The principle and instrumental structure of dispersion Hadamard transform spectral imager were briefly described in the present paper, and the disadvantages of the imager both in dislocation of spatial and spectral information and in spectral resolution limited by the width of Hadamard encoding mask were pointed out. A new instrumental principle and design(More)
Spectral unmixing is an important task for data processing of hyperspectral remote sensing, which is comprised of extracting the pure spectra (endmember) and calculating the abundance value of pure spectra. The most efficient endmember extracting algorithms (EEAs) is designed based on convexity geometry such as pure pixel index (PPI), N-finder algorithm(More)
Hadamard transform optics has been developed in the past decades. It has been used in distinguishing targets, detecting feeble signals and so on. Hadamard transform spectral imager (HTSI), based on digital micro-mirror device, is a new dispersion spectral imager. HTSI has been developed in our laboratory. The spectral heterogeneity of encoded image captured(More)
The present paper describes the observations and measurements of the infrared absorption spectra of CO2 on the Earth's surface with OP/FTIR method by employing a mid-infrared reflecting scanning Fourier transform spectrometry, which are the first results produced by the first prototype in China developed by the team of authors. This reflecting scanning(More)
The present paper reviews the computed tomography imaging spectrometer (CTIS) measurement systems at home and abroad from the aspects of technological characterizations and research focuses. The developments of computed tomography imaging spectrometers are described, involving the adding new abilities by improving systematic structure and by incorporating(More)