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Although the functions of a few effector proteins produced by bacterial and oomycete plant pathogens have been elucidated in recent years, information for the vast majority of pathogen effectors is still lacking, particularly for those of plant-pathogenic fungi. Here, we show that the avirulence effector AvrPiz-t from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe(More)
A sub-microscopic mechanism model named Fully Coupled Activated Sludge Model (FCASM) about biological nutrient removal in the wastewater treatment process was developed in the present study. The functional organisms existing simultaneously in the activated sludge system were separated into eight groups, including aerobic heterotrophic organisms, nitrite(More)
To better understand the effect of influent nitrogen concentration on granule size and microbial community in a granule-based enhanced biological phosphorus removal system, three influent nitrogen concentrations were tested while carbon concentration was an unlimited factor. The results show that although ammonium and phosphate were well removed in the(More)
Hemibiotrophic pathogens are some of the most destructive plant pathogens, causing huge economic losses and threatening global food security. Infection with these organisms often involves an initial biotrophic infection phase, during which the pathogen spreads in host tissue asymptomatically, followed by a necrotrophic phase, during which host-cell death is(More)
In recent years, more and more users hope the search results can meet human's demand when they use a search engine. On the basis of analysis and study on the open source Lucene system architecture, a semantic search system is designed based on the special XML data sources in this paper. What's more, we use the word item location and word semantic to improve(More)
An optimal operating condition for ammonia removal at low temperature, based on fully coupled activated sludge model (FCASM), was determined in a full-scale oxidation ditch process wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The FCASM-based mechanisms model was calibrated and validated with the data measured on site. Several important kinetic parameters of the(More)
The resource location of traditional structured P2P Networks is usually with high efficiency, but do not support the retrieval of semantic correlation. Therefore, this paper on the basis of studying structured P2P Networksdeeply, combines with the advantages of search-engine technology, then proposesa layered P2P network retrieval model of semantics based(More)
With pot experiment, this paper studied the membrane lipid peroxidation and the variations of antioxidation system in Cynodon dactylon under recirculated landfill leachate irrigation. The results showed that when irrigated with low dilution ratio (< 25%) leachate, the chlorophyll a/b ratio increased with increasing dilution ratio, membrane permeability and(More)
OBJECTIVE From the previous comparative genomic analysis, we found a specific unknown 10 kb sequence (including 11 Open reading Frames) in Chinese piscine strain GD201008-001 genome. To study the role of 10 kb in the pathogenicity of piscine S. agalactiae, the 10 kb sequence was deleted from the GD201008-001 genome. METHODS The isogenic mutant Δ10 kb was(More)
Forty-six ancient Tibetan star-shaped towers and a village are located on a giant slope, which would be partially flooded by a nearby reservoir currently under construction. Ground survey, boreholes, and geophysical investigations have been carried out, with results indicating that the slope consists of loose deposit with a mean thickness of approximately(More)