Ruya Afsharian

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Spinal dysraphism is characterized by a lack of fusion of the vertebral arches that occurs in the absence of spinous processes with variable amounts of lamina. Here, we retrospectively present the importance of cutaneous lesions and their correlation with clinical presentation, radiological examination and urodynamic assessment. We retrospectively reviewed(More)
Neurenteric cysts are rare congenital anomalies derived from the notochord and located in front of the spinal column, mostly at the cervical level. They consist of an intraspinal cystic component that is connected to a mediastinal or thoracic cyst. A case of a cervical, intraspinal, neurenteric cyst, diagnosed at 28 weeks of gestation and operated on at 3(More)
The incidence of choroid plexus cysts represents approximately 1% of fetal anomalies. We describe a case in which fetal ultrasonography and fetal magnetic resonance scans were used to identify a large choroid cyst in a fetus without the use of a diagnostic amniocentesis to detect aneuploidy. After birth, the child underwent surgery. In conclusion, the(More)
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