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Despite the essential role played by myelin basic protein (MBP) in stabilizing the multilamellar structure of the myelin membrane, attempts at deciphering the structure of MPB have so far failed. Given that MBP is known to specifically interact with the membrane's lipid components, this study was designed to explore the effects of these lipids on the(More)
A HPLC-fluorescence method for characterization of proteinaceous glues from binding media used in pictorial works of art prior to conservation or restoration treatment is proposed. Fluorescence derivatization of amino acids released by acid hydrolysis of standard proteins is studied. The derivatization reagent was o-phtalaldehyde with 2-mercaptoethanol as(More)
The objective of this work is to study the interaction of a copolymer, poly methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride (PMV/MA) used in pharmaceutical dosage form and a phospholipid L-alpha-dimiristoyl phosphatidylcholine (DMPC) with the aim of developing a bioadhesive system. Glycerine is the plastifiant used to make PMV/MA insoluble. We have studied(More)
A gamma-gamma coincidence experiment was performed to check the 152Eu 13-year decay scheme and the placement of the observed gamma-ray transitions. The multi-detector array for residual activity measurement of the Linear Accelerator Laboratory was used. The source activity was 1 MBq, and about 10(9) coincidence events were observed. About 30 gamma's were(More)
The procedure to determine the statistical correlations between gamma-ray intensities is described here, as well as that required to take these correlations into account. The advantages of using branching-ratios and feeding fractions instead of gamma-ray intensities in the gamma-ray standards are discussed.
Brazil and China have a long-term joint space based sensor program called China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS). The most recent satellite of this program (CBERS-4) was successfully launched on 7 December 2014. This work describes a complete procedure, along with the associated uncertainties, used to calculate the in-flight absolute calibration(More)
A study attempted to characterize natural waxes used in pictorial works of art was carried out by means of gas chromatography. The analytical treatment requires prior hydrolysis of the waxes to release the fatty acids (FA) (myristic (myr), palmitic (pal), oleic (ole), stearic (ste), araquidic (ara), behenic (beh), lignoceric (lig), cerotic (cer)) from the(More)
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