Ruxin Ning

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Virtual assembly process planning (VAPP) provides a more efficient, intuitive and convenient method for assembly process planning. Previous efforts in this field are concentrated on how to assemble components together and how to analyze this assembly process in a virtual environment. However, how the interactive planning process can be modeled and(More)
Collisions between polygonal models may not reflect collisions between real objects in reality because of polygonal approximation and designed tolerance. This problem reduces the reliability of simulation in virtual assembly and sometimes even results in wrong conclusions. To solve the problem, we propose a novel collision evaluation algorithm based on(More)
In order to solve facility layout problem from quantitative and qualitative perspectives, a layout approach based on simulation optimization and virtual reality (VR) is proposed. Firstly, the layout is optimized from the quantitative perspective through the iteration of simulation model and optimization algorithm. Then the optimized results are transferred(More)
Assembly variation is one significant factor that affects quality of assembly product. By allocating proper tolerances, the requirement of assembly variation can be satisfied. However, due to the coupling of tolerances, compatibility of model file, it is still difficult to conduct collaborative and trans-platform tolerance design. In this article, tolerance(More)
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