Ruxandra Gorunescu

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A new radii-based evolutionary algorithm (EA) designed for multimodal optimization problems is proposed. The approach can be placed within the genetic chromodynamics framework and related to other EAs with local interaction, e.g. using species formation or clearing procedures. The underlying motivation for modifying the original algorithm was to preserve(More)
Accurate spam filters are of high necessity in present days as the high amount of commercial mail entering accounts has become a real threat to everyone, from causing personal computers to crash to costing big companies billions of dollars annually because of employees loss of productivity. Moreover, lately, spam also carries viruses along. Current paper(More)
Proposed evolutionary model provides a powerful means of rule discovery in the field of text categorization. In present paper, the model focuses on the particular problem of preventing spam to enter our e-mail accounts. Spam blockers that have been provided by Internet companies so far are not very effective. An application built through the means of our(More)
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