Ruwini E. Kodikara

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Context awareness is a key component of next generation pervasive computing systems and networks. Cross layer context exchange can be proposed as an efficient solution for adaptive applications in wireless networks where traditional layered protocol stack is inadequate. ConEx is the context exchange architecture based on subscriptions. ConEx is composed of(More)
Pervasive access to the Internet is driven by users who want wireless connectivity to ad hoc as well as infrastructure networks. Multi-hop wireless connectivity widens the coverage areas of access networks and enables two-way wireless traffic into previously dead-spot areas. This paper addresses network mobility issues, which are essential for roaming users(More)
Real time mobile communication is challenging due to the inherent limitations of mobile networks. On the other hand the stringent quality of service requirements of real time traffic is highly in demand. Our first contribution is the generic context aware architecture for adaptive real time applications. Adaptation is based on the awareness of context(More)
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