Ruwan Wimalasundera

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Antiretrovirals are standard treatment for HIV-1-positive women during pregnancy in the UK, but little is known about maternal or fetal safety. In our cohort study of 214 pregnant women with HIV-1 infection, those who received no antiretroviral therapy had a rate of pre-eclampsia significantly lower (none of 61) than those on triple antiretroviral therapy(More)
Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a progressive pregnancy complication in which inter-twin vascular connections in the shared placenta result in a blood flow imbalance between the twins. The most effective therapy is to sever these connections by laser photo-coagulation. However, the limited field of view of the fetoscope hinders their(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that cervical shortening in polyhydramnios reflects the degree of excess amniotic fluid, and increases with normalisation of amniotic fluid volume. STUDY DESIGN Prospective cohort study of 40 women with monochorionic twins undergoing interventional procedures between 16-26 weeks. Cervical length was assessed via(More)
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