Ruvi Alpert

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After injection of labeled glycerol, choline, or serine into the eye of goldfish, labeled lipids were axonally transported along the optic nerve to the optic tectum. Although the different precursors were presumably incorporated into somewhat different lipid populations, all three were approximately equally effective in labeling the lipids transported to(More)
Axonally transported radioactivity in sialoglycoconjugates, labeled by intraocular injection of [3H]N-acetylmannosamine, increased significantly during regeneration of goldfish optic axons at 30 degrees C. Ganglioside radioactivity showed the largest increase--approximately eightfold--in the optic nerve tract at 8 days after optic nerve crush while(More)
Changes in axonally transported phospholipids of regenerating goldfish optic nerve were studied by intraocular injection of [2-3H]glycerol 9 days and 16 days after nerve crush at 30 degrees C. The four major glycerophospholipids all showed substantial increases in transported radioactivity above non-regenerating controls at both time points, these being(More)
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