Ruurd M. van Elburg

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We aimed to determine the effects of enteral supplementation of a prebiotic mixture of neutral and acidic oligosaccharides (scGOS/lcFOS/pAOS) on the faecal microbiota and microenvironment in preterm infants. Furthermore, we determined the influence of perinatal factors on the development of the faecal microbiota. In a randomised controlled trial, preterm(More)
Short-term supplementation of non-human neutral and acidic oligosaccharides during the first postnatal weeks may enhance the maturation of the immune response in preterm infants and may lead to less allergic and infectious diseases during the first year of life. In a randomized controlled trial, 113 preterm infants (gestational age <32 weeks and/or birth(More)
OBJECTIVE Routine obstetric ultrasound increasingly leads to the detection of structural fetal anomalies. In twin pregnancies with one anomalous twin, counseling on management strategies is complicated. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twin pregnancies (n = 212) were referred to a tertiary center between January 2007 and July 2009. In a retrospective analysis, twins(More)
Mechanical ventilation (MV) and ventilator strategies can induce or aggravate lung injury and may contribute to the development of distant organ failure, including the gastrointestinal tract. A retrospective cohort study was performed among 61 preterm infants, with a gestational age of 25-36 weeks, admitted at a neonatal intensive care unit. Intestinal(More)
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