Ruud van der Pol

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To determine whether the free availability of antimicrobial agents leads to misuse through self-medication, a house-to-house semi-structured interview was held in three different socio-economic areas of Karachi, Pakistan. Of the 2348 households visited, 1342 (57%) participated; this included 9209 individuals. Three hundred and twenty-two (3.5%) had used one(More)
Yeast and fungal infections may constitute a major problem in aviary birds. A case of yeast infection is reported, which was possibly due to antibiotherapy and malnutrition. Ketoconazole is effective in controlling this type of infection. Methods by which these infections may be prevented are recommended, as well as examinations which are useful in aviary(More)
Nylon-6 is a bulk polymer used for many applications. It consists of the non-natural building block 6-aminocaproic acid, the linear form of caprolactam. Via a retro-synthetic approach, two synthetic pathways were identified for the fermentative production of 6-aminocaproic acid. Both pathways require yet unreported novel biocatalytic steps. We demonstrated(More)
BACKGROUND Multifocal fibrosclerosis (MF) is a rare disease that may be misdiagnosed as Graves' orbitopathy. The combination of localisations of MF presented here has not been reported before. CASE REPORT A 44-year-old man was referred with progressive bilateral exophthalmos. CT of his chest and abdomen revealed an intrathoracic and retroperitoneal(More)
The study describes the identification of sphingolipid biosynthesis genes in the non-conventional yeast Pichia ciferrii, the development of tools for its genetic modification as well as their application for metabolic engineering of P. ciferrii with the goal to generate strains capable of producing the rare sphingoid bases sphinganine and sphingosine.(More)
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