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It is the year 2005 and the Managing Director of Biomat has a problem. Her spin-off firm builds replacement human organs using metagenic technology, but after two years of success Biomat is at a crossroads. Should it stick to metagenics, which is costly and prone to production problems, or should it use the latest ultragenic approaches-still unproven but(More)
The direction and speed of socio-technological transformations are largely determined by the cumulative innovation decisions of individual actors. Since innovations are so closely linked to the perception of uncertainties, identifying the major sources of uncertainty can provide essential insights for managing such transformations. The objective of this(More)
A comparison between the functioning of two systems of innovation-Evolution of cogeneration-Abstract The Netherlands and Sweden have similar characteristics in the field of energy supply, such as low electricity prices, a large heat demand, the development of nuclear technology, oil crisis's and increasing European legislation. Nevertheless, cogeneration or(More)
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