Ruud Oude Maatman

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Danforth's short tail (Sd) is a semidominant mutation in mouse affecting the axial skeleton and urogenital system. The notochord is the first visibly abnormal structure in mutant embryos, and disintegrates beginning around embryonic day 9.5 along its entire length, suggesting an essential role for Sd in notochord development and maintenance. Here, we report(More)
Enterprise Systems (ES) involve relative high investments and long-lasting implementations for its adopters. A business case (BC) is often developed in the beginning to evaluate and justify this investment. This BC explains the expected costs, benefits and risks of the ES implementation. In this paper we especially focus on the problems of the current BC(More)
Many enterprises document their activities, business processes, information systems and technologies in the form of models. Together these models form Enterprise Architecture (EA). There are different levels of EA maturity according to recent surveys. In this paper it is argued that the requirements for a repository for the storage of the EA are dependent(More)
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